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June 28, 2012 by  Filed under News


Accidents wreak havoc and take away normalcy from our lives. It is the unplanned, untold series of unfortunate events which cripple us mentally, physically and financially. It is the accident victims who need to develop a positive bent of mind so that seeking for justice seems to be a plausible option. The compensation culture of the UK evokes a sense of security and safety for the accident victims. The right to avail the required compensation amount or the much-needed monetary assistance is the only succor in the lives of the distressed victims of accident. It makes them to resort to the help of the best no win no fee solicitors for defending their cases.

Tracing the Roots

no win no fee solicitorsThe number of applications that pour in the established law firms is never going to lessen down as people are flouting rules while driving vehicles and the employers are failing to offer a safety working environment. No win no fee claims got introduced in the UK in 1995. It replaced Legal Aid, which was a government enabled system that facilitated the process of offering funds to the accident victims so that they could move the court and fight for justice.
The accessibility quotient of the no win no fee claims was lashed out at by the critics who smelled foul in the compensation culture. The liberal factor that soon crept in the compensation culture in the UK made it difficult for the law firms and the no win no fee solicitors to filter out the deserving claimants and those who upheld their voice for making phony compensation claims. However, the no win no fee claims were definitely the savior for many hapless accident victims.

Heavier Reliance on the Conditional Fee Agreement

The sufferers of unfortunate accidents who went out of work or lost their arm or leg or suffered severe adverse consequences after confronting an accident often could not gather up the courage to claim for compensation. A contingent fee or the conditional fee is signed by the claimants after they pin down a claw firm that offers the no win no fee claims.

When we turn back the pages of history, it was observed that many of the accident victims had this lackadaisical attitude of fighting for their rights or hold up their voice for compensation claims as they were restrained by the affordability factor. The conditional fee agreement is the sole medium that enables wronged victims of accidents, irrespective of their financial status, to claim for the required compensation amount. If the claimants do not have the means to make expenses for fighting cases on compensation claims, it is the free legal advice of the no win no fee solicitors and their ability to defend the cases with full flair and panache, which make the plaintiffs to bank on them.

Debunking the Myths

If the victim of an accident is suffering because of the reckless behavior or the callousness of the third party involved in an accident, then he should be positive enough to make the compensation claims. Whether it is cases on accident at work or medical negligence and the like, as a claimant you should not go by the myths or the rumors around you that it is difficult to obtain the deserving compensation amount. The claimants should not be discouraged by the reports surfacing that the law firms drain the wobbly financial status of the claimants. It is not impossible to obtain your compensation claims if you are gifted with the positive frame of mind and you are able to select a credible law firm. It is crucial to have faith on the legal experts who are capped with a track record of winning cases. It is not only the comforting words of your dear ones that can make you to be back on track, you need to brace up and make your compensation claim before it gets time-barred.

Weighing the Cases on Compensation Claims

As a claimant, you are at an advantageous position when you sign the conditional fee agreement and avail the high-quality legal assistance of the no win no fee solicitors. The scoring points which make the plaintiffs to put their trust on the solicitors are catalogued under:

  • The nuggets of legal wisdom are talked about and exchanged between the claimant and the solicitors for free
  • The claimants need to fix an appointment so that the briefing session can be conducted with ease without the need to shell out any money and the claimant has the right to withdraw at any point of time
  • When a lawyer puts in his best shot and fights a case on compensation claim with full verbal flair capped with the concrete proofs, he can emerge on the winning side
  • The compensation amount that is settled on is handed over to the claimant without a single penny being deducted
  • If the solicitor is not able to win a case, then the claimant does not have to fork out anything, not even the fees of the lawyer

The no win no fee solicitors are not only experienced in defending cases on their respective field of specialization, they dissect a case in the true light. When analyzing a case, the solicitors ensure that they are confident about a case after getting briefed from the claimants. It is the evidence that validates a case and offers the required edge, elevating the ratio of success of a case.

If a lawyer is not too confident about a case, he may shun the responsibility of defending it. The solicitors do their homework and study a case in great details so that during the presentation of the case in the courtroom, they do not face any hiccups. It is the level of confidence of the lawyers and the way in which the cases are fought before the respected judges, which decides the final outcome of a case. A lawyer needs to prove the innocence of the accident victim entangled in the accident and it is the accumulation of the substantial proofs which can augment the prospect of winning a case by an able lawyer.

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