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Toilet Seat Collapsed; A Birmingham City Council Employee Wins Compensation

June 8, 2012 by  Filed under News


Wins CompensationA Birmingham City Council employee has received £1,750 compensation after a toilet seat collapsed to cause injuries. The toilet seat crumpled as the obese man sat on it. Instead of hiding the awkward incident, the victim successfully filed accident at work claims against the local authority.

This is one of the hundreds of compensation claims filed against the Birmingham City Council. Over the last 5 years, the organization has shelled out £5 million to offer work accident compensation. In 2011, the council paid out about £500,000 for 128 employer liability claims with a total of 274 claims filed in the last five years. One of the highest disbursements was £66,089 which was paid out to a worker because he did not have the right training. Another employee won £30,000 for his injury caused due to unsafe working practices.

A victim of asbestos-related disease filed a compensation claim between April and June 2012 which cost the Birmingham City Council £36,462. Another worker received £15,000 after he was struck by a dropping object. About £11,000 was offered to another Birmingham City Council worker who suffered the consequences of hand arm vibration.

The council refused to offer any more details on the payouts. However, the figures, published under the Freedom of Information Act, unfurled £3,753 as the average payout between April and December2011. A spokesman, on behalf of the Birmingham City Council, offered a long and scintillating speech defending the payouts and claimed that the legal department of the council handled an average of hundred employer liability personal injury compensation claims each year. The spokesman stated that the council cares a lot about the health and safety of its employees and it is proud about how it maintains the safety and security of its employees within the council and outside.

While talking about the accident that occurred after the toilet collapsed injuring an obese employee, the spokesperson asserted that proper reviews have been done to find out the cause behind the incident, while stricter safety policies have been implemented to avoid the occurrence of such mishaps in future.

Helen Bradin, the famous solicitor in Walsall, said that, the claim filed by the injured Birmingham City Council employee has made the employers aware of how easily such claims can be avoided by improving their health and safety policies at work. Other no win no fee solicitors fulminated against the incident and emphasized the need for improved health and safety policies at work.

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