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Boiler Engineer’s Widow Receives £290,000 As Asbestos Fatal Injury Compensation

June 1, 2012 by  Filed under News


Injury CompensationThe widow of a boiler engineer has recently received £290,000 as asbestos fatal injury compensation after her husband died of mesothelioma cancer caused by the lagging of water boilers. David Bean used to work for Bristol Water and his duties involved visiting different pump stations that housed water boilers wrapped with asbestos cement lagging. His widow claimed that David was not provided with safety masks or vesture, or warned by the employer about the risks associated with inhaling of asbestos fibers. The lack of the safety features in David’s worksites has caused him the fatal disease.

David Bean experienced an excruciating chest pain in September 2010. The symptoms were accompanied by breathlessness and coughing. Jean Dean, his wife, took him to a doctor who diagnosed him with mesothelioma cancer. David passed away within 6 months of the diagnosis at the age of 73. Jean, after seeking advice from no win no fee solicitors, filed an asbestos fatal injury compensation claim against Bristol Water.

An investigation into health and safety procedures was conducted, and Bristol Water accepted its liability for David’s vulnerability to asbestos after one year of David’s death. Bristol Water and the no win no fee solicitors representing Jean Bean negotiated asbestos fatal injury compensation, and the company agreed to pay £290,000. A spokesperson on behalf of Bristol Water regretted Mr. Bean’s death caused by mesothelioma. He claimed that the company has learned a lesson from Mr. Bean’s death and has introduced strict health and safety measures to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

Jean Bean said that she is extremely happy to get the asbestos fatal injury compensation, while her solicitor said that this instance of industrial disease is as condemnable as an accident at work. He added that the money will recompense his client’s loss of income caused by her husband’s death at the age of 73.

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