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Car Accidents Increase Whiplash Claims in the UK

November 10, 2012 by  Filed under News


When one is on the road with a vehicle, they are mostly in their comfort zone until an accident occurs and an injury is attained. These injuries are such as whiplash which although can be attained in many other ways like falls, it is mainly a result of car accidents. It happens largely when the car is hit from the rear end.

Having an injury like whiplash, this means that the neck could be injured in a number of places due to distortion on it. This has been a big problem in the UK as whiplash claim solicitors have been involved in complaints from claimants.

Whiplash can be very dangerous as the victim can suffer a whole lot as they cannot manage to operate normally. Usually when one has this kind of injury, after visiting a doctor, they are usually given a neck brace which is very hindering to movement.

Symptoms of this kind of injuries includes stiff neck, throbbing immense pain, muscle spasms on the side of the neck or even swelling around it.

These symptoms do not begin to be realized immediately after the accident. Mostly one will start to complain around a week after.

Most victims therefore do not feel the need to file a complaint but it is very important because it will save you a lot of grief.

Many times whiplash may not be considered life threatening but there is a way that if not treated or paid attention to, it can cause after effects that turn out very life changing.

It is very disadvantageous to victims as most of the time they would have to try to recuperate and not go to work.

This is why it is urged that one files a complaint as it is a right. Having your life on the line is very scary. Having to deal with consequences of an accident, such as hospital bills and car repairs isn’t easy to do. Filing a claim will make sure that problems are taken care of by a professional. This will allow you to rest to get well without having to worry about going to work to make money. This can be taken care of.

With this, whiplash claim solicitors come in handy. These are experienced experts known to deal with all sorts of injuries. They are mainly no win no fee solicitors that have a deal with the claimants. Their policy includes not being paid unless the claim is successful.

According to a blog post, Britain is the whiplash capital of Europe where there are more than 1500 claims a day.

With no win no fee solicitors, one is able to pursue the whiplash claim without having to worry about paying a heavy fee. Having to face an injury is hard for one to deal with which is why this type of way to handle the claim is called for.

It is very genuine and transparent and guarantees 100% compensation.

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