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August 1, 2012 by  Filed under News


For people who have been unfortunate enough to have been victimized by accidents that involved no fault on their part are, however, eligible for claiming compensation. Making a claim is undoubtedly the best possible way of punishing the responsible while securing support for oneself. Having said that, the procedure involving claiming compensation is a legal one, which requires the claimants to take care of certain rules and regulations. Moreover, for the different kinds of accidents and their resulting injuries, the way the claims are filed varies. It is difficult, rather impossible for an accident victim with little relevant knowledge to understand so many things. Several of them require a no win no fee solicitorslong time to recover from the initial shock of accidents. For all this and many more, the expert guidance of the no win no fee solicitors is sought after by claimants, trying to secure a substantial amount of compensation.

Information that Claimants Must Provide

In order to be able to obtain the assistance of the solicitors, an individual must sincerely be in a position where he deserves to get compensated. Irrespective of whether you are going for car accident claims or the claims for accidents at work, the basic criteria remains the same. These tend to be the innocence of the claimant in whatever took place and the severity of the losses; he has been made to suffer. The solicitors work on a contingent fee system, which also point out to the fact that they are likely to prefer taking up only those cases that have maximum chances of success and therefore, the probability of the lawyer getting paid by the third party is also enhanced. Following are some of the details that the claimants must provide or help the solicitors to put together:

  • The exact place where the accident took place, which is especially applicable in case of the road traffic accidents.
  • The date of the incident along with the precise circumstances under which it happened. It is with reference to this particular detailing that the innocence of the claimant can be proved while the negligence of the third party can also be outlined.
  • Evidence in the form of the accounts of the eye- witness is extremely significant for it offers a firm ground to the claims, allowing the claimants to place their demand for a certain amount of compensation.

It is only after a through scrutiny of the relevant details along with the minute aspects of the claim that the no win no fee solicitors decide to represent a particular case.

Ability of the Solicitors to Handle Specialized Cases

Another important factor to be considered is the specialization of the solicitors. Various kinds of accidents take place and they bring about different types of consequences for the victims. Thus, the discrepancy remains when it comes to the claims. It is essential to choose lawyers who are adept in handling the particular claims relating to the work accidents, car accidents, road accidents and so on. Securing their help will ensure that the processing of the claim is undertaken fast and with the required confidence.

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