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Policies and Principles of No Win No Fee Solicitors Clarified

September 5, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee solicitors"Legal services of premium quality are slowly slipping out of the grasp of the commoners in the UK. It is of great concern to the plaintiffs and defendants alike when it comes to affording legal assistance. While most successful lawyers have translated their charges to hourly rates to make more money out of their services, the common men who are only capable of spending only an average sum of money in a broken-down state are at the losing end. To ensure that the middle-class victims grapple with their respective legal cases and take action for being wronged, the pro bono publico concept has been propounded. From the same root sprouted the whole population of no win no fee solicitors who are revered for relieving the accident victims from their dolor.


The concept encircling no-win-no-fee solicitors have always been in smoke and mirrors to the common mass. It is privy to only a few researchers that these lawyers owe their origin to the English concept of biblical Pro Bono. It is a concept that empowers professionals to voluntarily take up the right to work for a discounted or not payment basis. Meant entirely for public welfare, the application of this policy in the legal domain has enabled sighs of relief among the victims who were horrified by the extortionate legal charges claimed by the lawyers.

The Pay-On-Win Agreement

Officially known as the conditional fee agreement, the payment policy of the lawyers has been approved by the government of the United Kingdom. The agreement binds the lawyers into a contract that says that service fees can only be sought if the case result is favorable. According to the English legal system, this policy is applicable only to solicitors who belong to the no-win-no-fee category. It is an agreement that can be made between a law company and its client. No upfront cost is demanded in this case. The agreement entitles the lawyers to a payment on winning, which can be calculated on an hourly basis. A success fee is added to the overall amount which the professionals like to claim from the compensation sum as a fruit of their labor. According to the Tort law of the UK, the success fee should not exceed the legal fee of the lawyer, and is mostly restricted to a percentage of the same.

The Status of the Solicitors

The emergence of the no win no fee solicitors gave rise to a gust of controversy initiated by skeptics who are till date unsure about the practices of these lawyers. A center-point of the most outrageous scandals, these lawyers are variously named and mimicked by the offenders for their insufferable success rate. So far, the professionals have been known to extract some of the highest compensation pay-outs of for claim cases. Specialized in all kinds of claim cases, including, car accident claims, home accident claims, work accident claims, etc., the solicitors have always occupied a respectable position in the society among the plaintiffs.

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