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Redeem the Injuries Caused in a Car Accident

October 26, 2012 by  Filed under News


According to certain reports the number of car accidents in the UK is on a decline but the situation hasn’t really comes under control yet. Negligent driving, be that without caring the traffic rules or under influence of intoxicating substances, is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the country. Every year millions suffer from the consequences of car accidents and in some cases car accident causes fatality. In other cases, the victims suffer from minor or major injuries that are sometimes life changing. If you have experienced such an unfortunate situation within past 3 years then you are eligible to file your complaints and demand compensation from the offending party under the legal provisions of car accident claims.

The Most Common Types of Injuries Caused in a Car Accident:

  • Car accident is a leading case of injuries sustained in different areas of brain and head. Seriousness of the injury may vary from mild concussion to traumatic brain injury.
  • Neck Injury or whiplash, which suggests the that severe impact of a car injury on this region has caused severing and damaging of the soft tissues
  • Back injuries is quite common among victims of car accidents as the impact torques or abnormally twists the bodies of passengers, causing strain, sprain, spine injury, disc relocation and fracture.
  • Face injuries of different magnitude may also occur due to collision any part of the car interior, causing mild bruises and cuts to severe dental injuries and Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (TMJ).
  • Psychological injuries, caused due to trauma of the accident.

People, who suffer from any type of injury mentioned above and capable of producing evidence other party’s negligence was the actual reason behind their suffering, they may demand for compensation along with the benefits of no win no fee claims.

Situations that Qualify You to Claim Compensation for Car Accidents:

If you have sustained injury in a car accident and made up your mind to claim compensation from the offending party, then you should consider certain situations. Unless one or more of these conditions are satisfied, you will not be eligible to seek legal assistance. Kindly read further to know about situations that qualify you for car accident claims:

  • That a third party is responsible for the accident while you were driving your own car
  • That negligence of the third party driver has a major role to play for the injuries sustained
  • That you were passenger in a vehicle and negligent acts of the driver did put you in a vulnerable condition
  • That irresponsible behavior of a driver has caused injuries to you as a pedestrian
  • That irresponsible act of a vehicle driver caused injuries to you while you were riding a cycle or motorcycle
  • That the injury has caused you certain degrees of loss that needs to be compensated monetarily

Sharing the details you have about the accident with your personal injury solicitor gives you a better chance to present a clear picture before a court of law. If your claims are proven to be correct, the learned judges will award you with monetary compensation, making up the losses and difficult time you had to deal with.

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