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Road Traffic Accident Solicitors Working in and around the UK

February 10, 2013 by  Filed under News


When discussing on accident, we cannot ignore the road traffic injuries endured by the victims due to sudden hit. Having being the victim of the same, you are eligible to file the claim only if you have suffered a no-fault accident. It is often found that the victim also has share in the road traffic accident. For road accidentinstance, ignoring the traffic rules might cause accidents. You may be hit by another vehicle, if driving on the wrong way. In such case, you are not liable to receive compensation. In order to prove his innocence in the accident, one needs to gather enough evidences and proofs. In trail of this, it is quite expected that the guilty will not sit quietly. He will surely try to collect heap of documents to defend himself with the help of the solicitors. Hence, it is very important for you to appoint a legal advisor for the case, who with their down the line experience will be able to stand against the litigant and help you win the amount. When you appoint them, make sure you consider the below mentioned domains,

  • A solicitor is expected to have minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in law. Other than this, there are many who has braced themselves with master degree and diplomas in the same. With higher qualification, the fee structure is likely to increase.
  • It is better to appoint the one who has done specialization in road accident. This is because he will be then able to handle all sorts of simple and complex cases. Whether it is whiplash claim or fast track case, they can assist you in all.
  • Even though, both interns and experience solicitors work in the firm, yet it is suggested to appoint the one who have been working with the case since long. Well, then if you contact claims management firm then they are the one who will employ the solicitor for your case catering to its emergency.
  • If you learn that the solicitor you are thinking to appoint ahs been previously accused of being rude to the clients, make sure you avoid him may how good he is at his work.
  • When talking to the solicitor, observe him and see whether he listens to you or not. It is very important for the solicitor to study the case thoroughly and if he doesn’t have patience then it is going to be quite difficult for you to win the amount. A claim might even take more than 1 year to be sanctioned.

Discuss the fee structure with the legal advisors. There are innumerable in the UK who offers no win no pay services to their clients. It is better to opt for them as then you can avoid the loss that can be suffered if the solicitor fails to win the case in your favor. With such a lucrative service, you may not have to pay the fees until you win the case. You can simply browse through their website to know more about them.

Availing the Solicitor’s Services

Being the strict follower of laws and ethics, the solicitors make sure that they accept only the eligible cases. Hence, it is more like bell the cats, as you can also be penalized if something goes wrong when applying online claim. You need to be very couscous when filing the form, make sure nothing is exaggerated and it is based on true event. The simpler is the presentation the more will it attract the solicitors and thereby allow them to serve you. All you need to do is, browse through their website and you will get to find an option of online claim. Click on that to open the page, fill in with detailed information about the case and mention your e-mail id along with the time you prefer them to ring you up. Once you are done with it, re-check and then send it and wait for their reply. The solicitor will definitely revert you back once he confirms the authenticity of the claim. Make sure you have the below mentioned documents ready with you.

  • Medical Report: As soon as you feel the symptoms of neck and back strains, make sure you show it to the doctor to confirm whether it is whiplash claim or just a mere injury that will recover with time. Well, then that isn’t enough, you need to follow the instructions as well and show it to the solicitor to ensure that the case is not the result of contributory negligence. Medical bills, report and estimate of other related expenses is what you need to show.
  • Evidences: If you have gathered any proofs before the solicitors could do, make sure you present those all to the solicitors. Doing so you will make their work easier and shall keep them informed about the proceedings of the case, catering to which they will work accordingly.
  • Legal Report of the Accident: When being injured in a road traffic accident, it might not be possible for you to track the guilty whilst lying injured on the road. Thus, what you can do is, lodge a police report and let them track the guilt. Moreover, such a report will authenticate your case as well. You can also report the case to the accident management agencies, who keeps an account of the kinds of accidents taking place in the UK. Thus, once you have these tow legal proofs of the injury suffered, availing the services of the solicitors is no more a difficult task.

When you meet one of them, be up-front to discuss what you expect from the claims. Mention all about the damages, whether it is financial and non-financial, so that the amount is fixed accordingly. Remember, your main motif would be to receive 100% compensation to recover all your losses. If you have been prescribed for some future medical treatment, you can also include the estimate of the total expenses in the claim.

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