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An innocent lady was injured following a crash with a police car

April 19, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


A young lady was injured due to a crash with a police car. The accident happened when the police car was in pursuit of a stolen car at a high speed on the A414.

Jackie Stretton, working as a logistic manager for Britvic was going to Chelmsford. A speeding Fiat Stilo hit her Toyota Aygo first and then she had a head-on collision with the Ford S-Max police car.

The stolen car came to a halt near her car but the occupants fled the place even though she cried for help.

The police have arrested two persons and have asked witnesses to call 101.

It was only two weeks ago that Jackie participated in the gruelling five-hour race in the Peak District along with top athletes.

But now as she wakes up in the hospital bed after couple of days, she finds herself in a body strap with spinal injuries, cerebral bleeding and a broken leg.

It will take some months for her to be on her feet again.

The doctors at the Queen’s Hospital said that she has made good recovery.

Her father Denis is also hopeful that she will be back to her old self with time. But they are waiting for the specialist doctor’s report.

Her father said that Jackie was an athletic person and loved running and cycling. Now it is really frustrating for her to be strapped down in a body brace.

An independent Police Complaints Commission spokesman said that a traffic crash on A414 during a police pursuit has been referred to them. After carefully examining the circumstances of the collision, it has been decided that the matter would be investigated by the Essex Police and the situation doesn’t warrant the intervention of the IPCC. He further added that preliminary review revealed that the Essex police maintained all procedural norms.

Tim Stokes, Chief Superintendent of Essex Police said that such types of pursuits are being carried out by trained officers only and the pursuits are authorised after due consideration of the nature of crime and other related issues.

Jackie’s father admitted that it is the people who were running away with the stolen car who are at fault. They were determined to run away and didn’t stop to help her daughter even though the stolen car stopped near them. It is unfortunate that Jackie was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t say if they are contemplating a road accident claim case.

Donna Wells, who first reached the spot, said that she heard a loud sound outside and ran out. She heard Jackie screaming for help. She described the scene as horrific.

Of late, there have been many accidents on the deserted road.

Jackie will probably file a car accident claim in due course. She will also have to consult a lawyer to decide about an appropriate compensation for road accident. It would be in her interest to consult a no win no fee solicitors firm. They will represent her without charging any fees. Contact a no win no fee solicitor if you have been injured and want to claim compensation.



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