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Angry UK Residents Lose Faith in Employers as Accident at Work Claims Soar

November 21, 2012 by  Filed under News


"work accident"Accidents occur at all times. You are more likely to be in an accident of some sort than you trying your luck at spotting a shooting star.  Yes this is how common an accident can be. However in the workplace, being involved in an accident there can prove fatal and this is why many are filing for no win no fee accident at work claims.

Every employer should make sure that their employees are being catered to as deserved. They should be under total safety in the workplace. It seems that this isn’t the case though with many of the employers in the work sector in the UK.

Work accidents vary from really minor to really major, and can happen in any work setting. As is the thought of many, accidents only occur in the industrial sectors or big factories. On the contrary, this is because accidents happen even in offices where one wouldn’t expect it to happen. In the office settings numerous things can happen. One could be walking and random falling objects plummet off an overly stashed shelf. You can imagine how painful that can be. In offices too there are sharp objects all over and one can risk getting pricked.

However, in the industries, accidents are far worse. This is why it is important to file for accident at work claims. Employers are responsible for their workers and when they are subject to accidents because of their negligence, they should answer by law.

When you are filing for a work accident claim it is important to make sure you have done research on finding the best solicitors around. In this case no win no fee solicitors are the best for the job. These are experts who what they are doing in this regard. You have no need to worry about incompetence with them as they are very professional within the field of law and will not let you down.

Work accidents can result in life changing situations and sometimes even life threatening. People end up with very bad injuries. In industries with fumes involved- due to lack of proper protection- workers are subjected to poisoning.

According to a publication on workplace accidents, a man was left injured after an injury he sustained at work leaving him with a fractured foot. This is when he was working alone with a crane and the sling snapped. He was awarded more than four thousand pounds in compensation. Also in Scotland it seems that workplace accident claims have risen to over 4000 in only two years.

If you have been in an accident at work and it is the employers fault, you have every right to file for a claim against him or her. This will give you a voice to be able to stand up against negligence and you will also do this for others who have been in your shoes. Do not suffer in silence, file for a claim now.

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