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How to Avail the Free Replacement Vehicles through the Personal Injury Solicitors?

November 23, 2012 by  Filed under News


People who get involved in no-fault road accidents generally go through hard times as their finances are wrecked, lone apart the physical injuries and the sheer mental trauma that they suffer from. Their cars are often found in terrible condition and they always look for vehicle repair and replacement solutions. What if one can find under one roof a free replacement vehicle, a trustable car repairing/servicing agency and a no-win-no-fee personal injury solicitor who can successfully represent him in the court when it comes to filing a compensation claim? From an innocent victim’s point of view, it’s amazingly comprehensive. However, that’s what becomes true when the victims have recourse to authorized and compassionate solicitors. Here below is a brief understanding of how to use their services.

Replacement vehicles-an immediate requirement

A car accident does not only devastate the victim physically, it also immobilizes him. Severe loss of amenities includes access to the vehicle that he owns or uses routinely. Replacement vehicles are seen as godsend by these immobilized victims of road traffic accidents. If you have been involved in a road accident recently which was not your fault, you can opt for a substitute vehicle while your own vehicle is sent for repair. Therefore, you can get a replacement car for travelling to and fro the clinic or your workplace and use it until your own car is repaired.

The courtesy car

Most of reputable solicitor firms do not use the term ‘free replacement vehicle’. These firms tag the cars they provide to their clients as ‘courtesy cars’. There are many car insurance companies as well that arrange replacement cars for their clients. However, they offer only a limited range of cars from which you must choose a model. On the other hand, the personal injury solicitors who work in groups and within claims management firms always keep in mind client comfort and convenience and you can avail the car of the similar specs to your own car and most of the cars they provide are less than twelve months old. From sedan class cars to disablement vehicles, from racing cars to SUVs, they really offer an extensive array of cars.

Are you eligible?

However, these companies check a few things before providing replacement vehicles to their clients. Firstly, you must evidently show that your car is in so wrecked a state that it currently cannot be used on road. Make note that the no win no fee solicitors do not provide substitute vehicles if it is found that the damaged vehicle can be repaired within 24 hours. In case your car insurance company makes delay in providing you with a standby vehicle, you can avail the replacement solutions of the solicitors.

What are the cars in their garage?

As previously mentioned, you can get a car of the same specs of that of your own vehicle. There are many car owners out there who do not feel comfortable with the cars of different model and make. Well anticipating this requirement of the plaintiffs of car accident claims, the solicitors keep all sorts of cars in their car shed.  Grade A-C vehicles primarily include small vehicles such as Ford Ka and Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa etc. Grade D-E cars include Mondeo, Ford Focus and Volkswagen models. Apart from that, prestige cars such as BMW, Mercedes and other luxury cars are also available with them. You can also find disablement vehicles and sports cars in their garage. MPV cars also comprise of the fleet of vehicles they have.

What’s the cost?

These no win no fee solicitors absolutely charge nothing in advance for the cars they provide to their clients. The entire cost should be recovered from the other party, or the losing party. However, if the court case does not come to a favorable end for you, you may need to pay the solicitor the rental charges that can be covered through After the Event (ATE) insurance. There are solicitors who can arrange ATE for you and the premiums are payable only if the case is won, and otherwise not. In short, these solicitors can make every necessary arrangement for you so that you can file claim without associated worries.

Do they also have repair facilities?

Though the solicitor firms generally do not have their own vehicle services departments, they have tie-ups with authorized service centers. Therefore, after availing a free replacement vehicle, you can also send your car for repair through them. This is advantageous as many victims run clueless about where to send their cars for repair and how to get a replacement car. The personal injury solicitors have integrated the entire procedure of filing a claim and have successfully ensured that normal flow of life does not come to a standstill. The streamlined process is definitely an outcome of sympathetic analysis of the condition of the car accident victims.

Additional legal formalities

However, you need to obtain a temporary permit for the replacement vehicle which does not belong to you. You should visit the official website of your city council and download and fill in the form specified. You can refer to the Vehicle Licensing website for gathering more relevant information. However, the no win no fee solicitors can help you in the entire procedure. In fact, many people opt for these solicitors as because these legal practitioners greatly help in additional paperwork. Just take a note that you won’t have to pay a penny for the additional services offered by them.

About compensation claim services

Though a lot of firms have started offering free replacement vehicle services, these lawyers are primarily known for the personal injury compensation claim services they provide. You can avail their services whether or not you are opting for the replacement vehicles they offer. If you want, you can just opt for the legal service they provide and nothing except that. Search for the best solicitors online and choose a solicitor firm after careful consideration only. However, do not forget to enter a no win no fee contract to safeguard your finances. 

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