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Requisites of Receiving Slip and Trip Compensatory Awards

December 19, 2012 by  Filed under News


You might have often slipped on the house floor or whilst walking on the road and hurt yourself. Obviously, with such cases you cannot bother the UK government for claims. But then, if the slip or trip accident has happened as the result of the third party’s negligence, you are eligible to get compensatory rewards. These kinds of accidents can happen at anywhere and at anytime, so one should be well prepared to meet the then financial needs and the best way to come over this, is filing a claim. The losses suffered, due to the negligence of third party can neither be tolerated nor can it be pardoned. Scan through the below domains to know what constitutes a slip, trip and fall accident,

Accident at Work:

Spillage of liquids on the work floors and haphazardly placed wires are supposed to be the two main causes leading to work slip and trip injuries. However, blaming the exact person might become difficult here, yet then you should know who the actual guilty is. Even then, it is the duty of the cleaner to keep the work area neat and clean, the business owner is supposed to be blamed for the accident. On his failure of looking after the execution of the work, the accident is expected to have taken place.

Road Traffic Accident:

Whilst crossing the road, with a sudden hit the pedestrian might trip and come across injuries. If the third party is responsible for such accidents, then make sure you have collected enough information about him to file a case. Many often the due to uneven streets, riders or simply the pedestrians might fall off resulting in severe injuries. In such cases, the local road authority is blamed for the nuisance.

Super Market:

Whilst shopping in the super market you might slip on the floor due to slippery surface or trip down from a malfunctioned escalator. The authority of the super market is liable to provide compensation to the victim because of such case.

Well, once you are sure about the type of case, it is suggested to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. With his professional guidance and advice, one can certainly win the case. Those who are thinking that proving the guilt of the accused is all about doing logical arguments whilst in the court, then he should know that the law seeks proofs and at the same time has to undergo a whole lot of checks and binds by the government. The innumerable no win no fee solicitors in the UK offer their experienced services to the plaintiffs. Moreover, on appointing the solicitor you will not have to pay any fees until you win the case, thus, there is low risk of suffering from financial losses. If you are willing to contact them, browse through their official website and fill in the online form. On filling the form, you might have to wait for their approval and phone call.

Why do you Need a Legal Assistance

Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by majority of the plaintiffs. When they are supposed to collect information about the case in order to prove its authenticity then, what is the need to appoint a lawyer?

It is obvious that the third party would be ready with heap of papers to defend themselves. In such as case, it might be difficult for the victims to cross-question the accused, give honest presentation of the case and continuously get involved in logical argument in the court. Thus, it is very essential to have a legal advisor to represent the case. Moreover, it is not mandatory that the victim will have to gather all the information regarding the case. With little details, the lawyers can take over the case and proceed further. If you can cooperate with your solicitor giving him enough information about the slip and trip accident then, it will only help you to secure the compensation soon. However, may how knowledgeable you are about the laws you might always need someone legal guidance to know about the nitty gritty of the claiming procedure.

Dos and Don’ts of the Claim

Even though, you appoint a lawyer for the accident case, it is important to follow the dos and don’ts, as it might then help your lawyer to secure fair amount compensation fast. Quickly glance through the below mentioned points to know about the same.

The Dos:

  • Do confirm that you are involved in a non-fault slip or trip accident.
  • Do see a doctor as soon as you receive accident related injuries. Or else, it might fall under the case of contributory negligence and even, before the case being registered, the case might be cancelled. Moreover, on collecting the medical bills the lawyers can determine the amount of compensation.
  • Do collect as much as information you can, about the accident, so that the solicitor can start working on the case fast.
  • Do consult the lawyer before taking any decisions regarding the case.
  • Do appoint an experienced and specialized solicitor. Suppose, you were involved in a road traffic slip and fall accident, then it is better to consult someone who has been dealing with the same kind of cases over the years.
  • Do keep the things confidential.

The Don’ts:

  • Do not sign any documents without the confirmation of the lawyers.
  • Do not discuss the case with everyone, even then how close the person is with you.
  • Do not attend any meeting without your appointed solicitor.
  • Do not delay to apply for the case. Remember, the tenure is only for three years.

Well, on following the above-mentioned ones, you can surely step a bit ahead in winning satisfactory compensation for yourself or for your family member. Just make sure you appoint experienced solicitors who will deal with the case patiently, as it might take even a year to receive the lawful judgment about the case.

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