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Whiplash Claim Nitty-gritty Explained for First-Time Claimants

November 30, 2012 by  Filed under News


"whiplash claims"If you have been recently involved in a road accident of any form, you may have receive neck injuries, no matter how severer it is. Neck injuries, especially injury to the cervical vertebrae, are clinically termed as whiplash. There are whiplash claims specialists who can find redress for you in case you have received whiplash. Whiplash generally happens from rapid acceleration and deceleration of a moving or stalled vehicle and the injuries may take severest form in certain cases. Therefore, if any other road user was clearly liable for that sudden jerk and subsequent injury, you should take proper legal actions against him/them.

How to know you have received whiplash? Some of the common symptoms include neck stiffening which is coupled with minor/acute pain. The victims also experience throbbing pain in some cases and the pulling and aching pain as well. Sometimes the neck movement is restricted and the victim cannot move his head sidewise. Muscle pull is another common indication of this type of injury. Add to it swelling and tenderness and shooting pains from the neck towards the arms is another common symptom. There are no win no fee injury claims specialists who can get adequate redress for you and can help you get out of your bad times.

Whiplash compensation claims specialists have identified some common reasons behind this type of injuries. As previously mentioned, if a car is shoved from rear end by another car and that suddenly increases its speed manifold or worse, if the car is squeezed between two cars, the passengers receive sever whiplash. The no win no fee lawyers arrange justifiable compensation for this type of injury. What seems merely an accident may be a sheer outcome of someone else’s negligence. Therefore, you should not back off guesstimating that you cannot win compensation. You should, instead, consult with whiplash claims specialists to know whether you are eligible for filing a claim or not.

What is the process of filing a claim of this sort? You need to first see your doctor (or any other specialist, as recommended by your solicitor) to get your injuries diagnosed. Once you get all the medical reports in hand, you can proceed towards filing a claim. There are no win no fee solicitors out there who are available for free consultation over the phone. You can get free tips and tweaks and other guidelines about filing a claim as well if you consult your case with a solicitor no win no fee. However, you need to follow your doctor’s advice and do a few other things. For example, you should take photographs of your injuries and the damages of your car as well. Collect the contact details of the witnesses who were around at the time of the accident. These people can be contacted later by your solicitor. Gather relevant information from the accident management firm websites.

There are many no win no fee lawyers who are offering their services through their websites. These websites are also regarded as information repositories on the subject of whiplash claims. You can visit the website of a solicitor firm and get details about the claim procedure.

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